Issue-Driven Films

"Caste System: Beyond the Moon"

Alex Dauphin

In "Caste Sytem: Beyond the Moon" Alex Dauphin plays Yolanda, a young African American actress who questions Hollywood's lack of diversity among Christmas films, as well as the motives for why has been asked to audtion for a role that is clearly not written for her.



Paul Whitehouse

During a police interrogation, farmer Abe, played by Paul Whitehouse, explains his wife's alien abduction; which only leads to more questions.

"Snakebite Protection: Chronicles"

Alexandria Walker
Timothy Jones

Alexandria Walker plays Brandi, who decries her younger brother Neal, played by Timothy Jones, who has accused of raping a minor.

"Plumping Company"

Carly Mayer

When Colleen, played by Carly Mayer, isn't permitted to board an airplane due to a weight restriction, her mother confronts the air line and her own demons.

"Snakebite Protection: Chronicles"

Julie Beal
Maurice Winsell

Dorothy, played by Julie Beal, is a mother who believes she gave birth to a monster. She recalls the on campus violent rape of Ellen, a young girl played by Lizzy Haberstroh committed by her son Broderick, portrayed by Maurice Winsell.

"Mr. Folsey"

Chris Lamar
Charlie Newton

ICE agents Paxton and Rick are played by Chris LaMar and Charlie Newton tasked with arresting and deporting illegal immigrants.

"Snakebite Protection "Chronicles" Trailer

Through a series of factually based scenarios and interview/monologues, "Snakebite Protection Chronicles" highlights rape culture through the personal experiences and feelings of women while displaying the dangerously ignorant attitudes and actions of men who perpetuate these crimes.