Issue-Driven Films

"Mr. Folsey" 2018 Trailer

Jayson Acevedo
Rebecca Escobedo

"Mr. Folsey" is an examination of unfair, often inhumane immigration practices as it relates to undocumented labor.


"Snakebite Protection: Chronicles"

Kelly Lamich
Arielle Kresich

Kelly Lamich, in the role of Stacy Ennis is schooled by Catherine McNamara, played by Arielle Kresich, on how best to protect herself living in a cruel and violent city.

"Snakebite Protection: Chronicles"

Kelsey Sante

Kelsey Sante as Angela, a teenager who has been victimized by two people she put her trust in - her boyfriend and her physician, Dr. Kelly, played by Les Tepper.


"Caste System: Beyond the Moon"

Alex Dauphin

Alex Dauphin plays Yolanda, a young African American actress who questions Hollywood's lack of diversity among Christmas films, as well as the motives for why has been asked to audtion for a role that is clearly not written for her.

"No Hands"

Merrick Robison

Vince Guildry, portrayed by Merrick Robison, helps his love interest investigate a brutal crime that happened many years ago.

"Caste System: Beyond the Moon"

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams plays Jan in "Caste System: Beyond the Moon". Racial tensions are laid bare when an African American actress played by Alex Dauphin confronts Jan during a Hollywood audition.

"Snakebite Protection "Chronicles" Trailer

Through a series of factually based scenarios and interview/monologues, "Snakebite Protection Chronicles" highlights rape culture through the personal experiences and feelings of women while displaying the dangerously ignorant attitudes and actions of men who perpetuate these crimes.

"Mr. Folsey

Jayson Acevedo
Rebecca Escobedo

Jayson Acevedo portrays Earnesto Valenzuela, a young Latino who believes he’s lost his job due to the influx of illegal immigrants coming over the boarder.