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The following scripts are between 15 and 45 minutes in length and represent a cornerstone of our network. Hyperfex is committed to bringing a forward looking vision of entertainment to audiences across the globe.

We believe it is important, now more than ever, to view entertainment as more than popcorn fair but as a viable, informative experience supported by fairness, diversity and equality.

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"Bot Chauvinist"

An inappropriate incident during a sexual experience on a blind date helps a young woman forego a long term relationship.

"Puppy Love"

A husband believes he's responded appropriately to his wife's depression by giving her an unwanted gift shortly after the death of their child.

"Chelsea vs a Mother's Red Wave"

A young girl who's curious about sex asks her mother some very tough questions about the subject.

Criminal Justice


A mother's hopes deteriorate when her young daughter is handed a life sentence, with no supporting evidence, under the proposed mandatory minimum drug policy.


PTSD rears its head when an officer helps a sexual assault victim during a crime in progress.


A newly married man rises above his disabilities to protect his wife from work place sexual harassment.


A hard drive that explains unlawful behavior proves detrimental to a family.


"The Package Made Undeliverable"

Examines the struggles three men face when they are laid off from work.

Sex Education

"Pap Schools Zed"

In pursuing his love interest, high schooler Zed takes his father's advice when his overzealous approach doesn't work.

Social Justice


A young girl is murdered in broad day light based solely on misperceptions about her Muslim heritage.

"The Nativist"

A Native American explains his heritage in stark visual terms during his class presentation.

"The Flash Point "

A young African American man rigs his car with high tech cameras to mitigate the threat of violence at the hands of a rogue police officer.

"The Pyg"

After a car is stolen in their neighborhood, two roommates discuss the various rationales people use to justify theft.


"Breast Dressed"

When a breast feeding mother is removed from a city bus, a distraught husband confronts the bus driver.


"Drill" examines the inequities in dental practices based on race, class, and culture.


A doctor betrays his wife and his patients by breaking his marriage vows and the hippocratic oath.

Elderly Care

"Crooked Foot"

An elderly wheelchair bound man with a speech impediment is misunderstood and taken for granted by all but one of his family members.


"God is Love"

A woman aching for a relationship with nature through meditation sends her family packing for the weekend.



Black on black crime erupts at the house of a man who drags a young boy to safety.



A young girl working at a cosmetics counter sidesteps her father's bigotry, and embraces understanding through a chance encounter with a closeted transgender man.


"The Alley"

The child of a wealthy businessman wanders into a world of poverty and homelessness within the confines of an alley.


"Housing Disintegration"

A white couple helping to shed light on the illegal practices of a realtor give a black couple hope in their quest to buy a home.


Two high school seniors use blackmail to accelerate their prospect of graduating without having to put in any work.


"Check Two"

A first time voter is devastated when his digital voting experience proves fraudulent.


"American Exceptionalism"

A bar patron shows his friends how cynical American Exceptionalism is when economic fairness is upended by callousness.


"Hands Pants"

A politician comes to understand that he has no hope of surviving his re-election campaign when he fails to answer the questions his constituents pose.