Issue Driven Films

Recently Completed: "Snakebite Protection "Chronicles"

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"Caste System:
Beyond the Moon

ISSUE - Racial Inequality

A young African American actress questions Hollywood's lack of diversity among Christmas films when she is asked by her agency to audition for a role in which they have no intention of casting her for.


Mr. Folsey

"Mr. Folsey"

ISSUE - Immigration

After losing his factory job, Ernesto Valenzuela gets into a perverse discussion with friend, Via Sanchez about undocumented labor and border security; which leads to an examination of unfair, often cruel practices of the United States' immigration policy.


In Pre-Production



ISSUE - Medicine

Dr. Jim Mioshi is forced to divulge misconduct damaging to his profession. Picking up the scent of recklessness in her husband's ramblings, Pam Mioshi uncovers a past transgression that may prove detrimental to their marriage.




ISSUE - Crime

Chaos ensues at the home of Shawn and Noree Beckwith when their twelve year old son, Bobby introduces a viral video that exposes the misconduct of his father during a routine arrest of a young woman.



"Locking the Secrets Away"


A Hyperfex Network Series that examines the nature of humanity tucked within an assortment of secrets of one Chicago neighborhood over a twenty year span.

"The Point of the Eye"
"The Blue Ashen Ghost"
"The Last Dimension Asks"
"Locking the Secrets Away"
"The Elective Virginity Test"
"Who Are You"
"No Hands"

Red White Blue Auburn

"Red White Blue Auburn"


A Hyperfex Network Series about Americans who turn their observations into grievances to expose the naked truth about the intent and recklessness of the powerful.

"The Plumping Company"
"Safety in Numbers"
"War and Exercise"
"Restructuring the Epidemic"
"The New Shiny Kill Toy"
"The Skinny Bendy Spoon"
"The Opportunity and the Axe"

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Hyperfex, LLC is a multi-functional entertainment production network that merges entertainment and issue oriented information through the mediums of film, music, and digital animation. Hyperfex binds these mediums together with a singular important thread stitched through each piece of entertainment: Issue. By bringing these various forms of entertainment together, Hyperfex acts as an apparatus that encourages corporation, community and the entertainment industry to take an active role in shaping original forms of entertainment through issues. The result is the broadening of access to that type of entertainment; ensuring that the media our viewers watch is candid, uncensored, and perhaps most importantly, Truthful.