Issue-Driven Films

Our Mission

Hyperfex, LLC is a multi-functional entertainment production network that merges entertainment and issue oriented information through the mediums of film, music, and digital animation.

Hyperfex binds these mediums together with a singular important thread stitched through each piece of entertainment: Issue.

By bringing these various forms of entertainment together, Hyperfex acts as an apparatus that encourages corporation, community and the entertainment industry to take an active role in shaping original forms of entertainment through issues.

The result is the broadening of access to that type of entertainment; ensuring that the media our viewers watch is candid, uncensored, and perhaps most importantly, Truthful.

Media Coverage

We were recently interviewed by Voyage Chicago for their City Portraits section as a local artist contributing to the community.

On Set Filming an Outdoor Scene in Snakebite Protection Chronicles

From Left to Right - Actress - Danielle Swanson, DP - Bryan Wright, Director - Raymond McMillan - Shooting supplemental footage for Knife in "Snakebite Protection Chronicles".

On Set Filing Mr. Folsey

From Left to Right - Actor - Jayson Acevedo, Director - Raymond McMillan filming the nightmare scene in "Mr. Folsey".

On Set Filming an Interfiew Scene in Snakebite Protection Chronicles

From Left to Right - AC - Sandi Nowosielski, Cinematographer - Mike Maliwanag, Actress - Kimberly Vaughn, Director Raymond McMillan filming India in "Snakebite Protection Chronicles".

On Set Filming Plumping Company

From Left to Right - AC - Maren Menefee, Actress - Allie Rivulet, Sound - Anthony Connerly-Bey, Director - Raymond McMillan filming "Plumping Company" episode from "Red White Blue Auburn" series.